Sixth Sense Development Workshop 
                       Intuition Psycho Science Programming Course 

Its for deep meditation process, Just close your eyes and try to follow your good vibes with dynamic flow of creative energy. Heart and mind feels the real whiteness and the seduction of colors with tranquil plain. Use head phone for better results. While watching visuals try to concentrate on white butterfly to feel the spiritual concentration. Forms , colors and visual combination may direct you to lead memorial misconceptions. To purify the mind just try to see the life force of butterfly with objective mind. The colors and forms are in its unique existence. The whiteness and blackness of the feelings and emotions are having equal values. The distraction of single point concentration is common thing.Try with knowing breaths. After ten minutes of listening you may feel to cry with the past memories. Just let the memories play its roll on the surface of mind. at the end of Mediation you will have unique experience of your own feeling and memorization at the back of the head is back of mind,
but we even though we know it , we still becomes confused to make our mind. 
The cultural programming of mind set leads the life in the right direction of misconceptions.
Some times mind is absolutely leads us to the good decisions but, in span of time we realize it as foul action.
And we grow day by day in the state of grown tree with hundreds of sub plants abides with us.
The DNA'S of the issues makes us impaired to grow as an independent personality just because we simply cannot remove the hurdles in our thoughts.
We know that our sixth sense works but, we don't use it in the effective way. The gift of DNA programming is not used just due to lack of knowledge.
Senseindia's Sixth Sense Development Program is schedule for you to answer your questions.
regarding intuition and the sixth sense programming.
India's First training programmed on Logical science in Intuition knwoledge.

The use of Five senses is natuarally avaiible gift from the nature but, the frozen in ultimate sixth sense operation for creative use as well as conflict resolution is proven by great scientist in Himalayan spiritual traditions.
The two day training Program is an introduction to the natural operation system
in Making mind more energetic and Intuition friendly. The Cousre is designed by
Bapu Sarvagod with practical research in academic perceptions in Intuition Development. The base of Course is purely
on History of Indian Logic and Philosophical text as well as exercises in Meditation and breathing. 
You well come to the program,
As par your Intuition yoau know that it
seems interesting ......
Yes dear friend actually its very important
and essential for you.
The journey in the Mind is beging with
the great dark energy with in us.
You can step in the course. 
Intuitions power is going to make life more
and more easier.
Please Read the Topic We are going Discuss
to realize the strength of Sixth sense.

# Body - Ataman / man ( Mind)
# The control of sensory pwoer
# Best Values in Sensetion
# Intutional Conlicts
#Perception and Programimng (Sanskar)
#Sensory Laguage 

# the Problems in Sensuality (Laingik Abhidharana)
#Vertual Personality
#Concentration of Mind on Hertz 
# senseory  Values of Religiouse rituals

#Modern Life Science
#Action and Recations of Mind
#Nirnaykshamata - Desicive power
#Understanding of Breathing process
            Meditaion- Vipassana- Yogasanas
#Objective state of Mind- 
            Samadhi / Thatahgath Garbhawasta

# Freedom of Memory 
            : Driving forecs in Divine feel
             Evil feeling
# Understanding of sixth Sense
# Mind :
     The temple of God of Science 
# Creation of  Relative Happiness :
             Sapeksh  Anandawastha
# Sensory Mediation  : Traditional Methods
# Practical assignments in : 
               Mind / Body / Intuition 
               Creative expressions
               Wrting Expression 
                Action - Reaction ( Karma - Yam-Niyam)

  Professional Film Maker  Writer / Director
  Bapu Sarvagod is Professional Film Maker with his unique skills in Writing, Creative thinkingand Film Education. An Artist and Film Director studied at Film Making at Film and TV Institute of India, Pune. Bapu stuied Fine arts Painting at Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai,that helps him to visualize Film on big canvas. His Philosophical studies held at Mumbai University. After acute research in Devdasi custom Bapu has Written ,Produced and Directed internationally acclaimed Feature Film “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on Devdasi Custom in India., Bapus's second feature film have strong statement about Indian polity “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) on Socio- Political has strong statement about Indian polity . Bapu Sarvagod has his deep research in Indian Sanskrit content written about SAHITYADARPAN ,LOGIC and Literature developments. His 20 years of observation in Indian Cinema and Indian Culture made him to developed unique syllabus suitable for Indian Film Makers and Writers that create true Indian Sense in the expressions. Bapu Sarvagod have designed 
The Sixth Sense Development Course with his 18 years of research in Philosophical studies in teaching creative thinking in Writing and Audio Visual Media 

Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Screenplay syllabus draft committee - University of Mumbai