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Regular Deadline October 30th November 2021
Late Deadline - 30th January 2022
Final Deadline- 15th March 2022 
​Senseindia Padmapani International Film Festival Rules and Regulations

1. Sections

a) International Competition

b) National Competition

c) Animation

d) New Media

f) Retrospectives / Special Packages
g) Director's Sense - Non Competition
g) Marketing

2. Who Can Apply?

a) International Competition – Only films made in India and abroad, between 1st September, 2018 to 9th April 2022

b) National Competition : Only films made in India by an Indian citizen between 1st September, 2018 to 9th April 2022
c) Animation : Only films made in India by Indian citizen between 1st Sept 2018 to 9th April 2022

3. How to Apply?

a) Online Entry : Form SPIFF16 is available on website  

b) Procedure : An applicant has to fill the required fields and upload the bio-data, photographs, filmography, etc. and also provide the details of entry fee paid electronically.

c) Entry Fee : The entry fee is non refundable.

i) For Indian filmmaker Regular Entry Fee Short Films – Rs.350/- & Late Fee – Rs. 1000/- Final Deadline 1500/-

ii) For foreign filmmakers Regular Entry Fee – US$90  Late Fee –US $ 130
           Final deadline -US$180 

iii) For Indian filmmaker Regular Entry Fee Feature Films – Rs.1500/- & Late Fee – Rs. 3000/- Final Deadline Rs.5500/-

ii) For foreign filmmakers Regular Feature Film  Entry Fee – US$120     Late Fee – US $ 160 Final Deadline US$ 199  
d) Entrants are required to submit screener links of Promos, Trailers and a  containing Directors Photograph, Bio-data, Filmography, Synopsis of the film, Stills of the Film, Posters, Pamphlets,  

e) If the language of the film is other than English, it should be sub-titled or dubbed in English.

f) Director’s Debut Film : Entry for the film in Director’s Debut Film Category should be submitted along with a certificate by the Applicant that the film is a debut film of a Director failing which film will not be treated as a Director’s Debut Film. If the Director has made, at an earlier date, any other film (feature, short, documentary or animation film, except a student film as a part of a curriculum), he shall not be eligible for this award.

g) Student’s Film : Entry for the film in Students Film Category should be submitted along with a Certificate from Institute / School concerned, failing which film will not be treated as a student film.

h) Director's Sense : Non – Competition Section : Entry in MIFF Prism i.e. Non – Competition Section (International / National) Section: – Films which could not find a place in the Competition Section may be screened in this section on the recommendations of the Selection Committee.

4. Payment of Entry Fee

a) The preferred mode of payment of entry fee is through online payment gateway on the MIFF website. Each entrant is automatically led to the payment page on submission of the entry form, where payment can be made through credit/debit card, net-banking or pay-pal.

b) If an entrant cannot, or does not wish to, pay entry fee through the online payment gateway, the entry fee may be sent by electronic transfer using SWIFT code mentioned below under intimation to Films Division, Mumbai.

i) Account Holder : Senseindia Foundation
ii) Account No. : 10366538051

iii) Bank : NKGSB Bank

iv) Branch : Kalanagar, Bandra (East) Mumbai, India


vi) IFSC CODE : NKGS0000005
vii) MICR CODE: 400002065

For Those who seeks to pay by Google pay 

​Scan QR code to pay entry fees

5. Cut off Dates

The new and extended submission dates with late fee-

International Competition :

Regular DeadlineOctober  30th Nov 2021
Late Deadline - 31 Dec 2021
Standard Deadline -30th January 2022
Aditional Dead Line- 15th Feb 2022
Final Deadline- 30th March 2022 

National Competition :Regular Deadline October 30th November 2021
Late Deadline - 30th January 2022
Final Deadline- 15th March 2022 

iii)Final Submission: All selected films in prescribed format should be received by the Festival Authorities by 25th April 2022

iv) Format for screening of selected films shall be communicated later. Effort will be made to accept a broad range of formats.

6. Notifications :

a) Successful entries will be acknowledged via e-mail.

b) Only applicants / entrants of films selected in Competition & Director's Sense Section will be informed about their selection.

7. Pre-Selection Process :

Entries will be previewed by Pre-Selection Committee and the shortlisted films will be previewed by the Selection Committee which will finally select films for the competition sections.

8. Selection Process :

a) Festival Authorities will be the right to make copies of DVDs for preselection / selection purpose and non commercial screenings.

b) The decision of the selection committees will be final & binding on all and will not be subject to discussion.

c) Films once selected and submitted for the final screening will not be allowed to be withdrawn under any circumstances. Participation in the festival implies acceptance of Festival Regulations.

d) In the case of faulty projection, the festival cannot be held liable for intangible losses incurred by Director, Producer or Distributor.

9. Rights of Festival Authorities :

a) Festival Authorities reserve the right to accept or not to accept any films on any ground including the likelihood of the film offending the feelings of any state, religion, country or on the grounds such as racism and religion.

b) Decisions of the Festival Authorities regarding all matters not expressly provided for in these regulations or which require interpretation of the clauses mentioned above shall be final & binding on all parties.

10. Copyright :

a) It is the sole responsibility of the applicant to secure clearance from the copyright holders of any copyrighted materials included within the submitted film. SPIFF will not be held responsible for the unauthorized inclusion of any copyrighted materials within or relating to the submitted film. SPIFF reserves the right to disqualify any film with any unauthorized inclusion of copyrighted materials.

b) Censorship will not be applicable to any film entered in the festival.

11. Jury:

a) Jury will determine the winning films and will be composed of individuals selected by the Festival Authorities. The decision of Jury will be final and binding to all.

b) The Jury has the right to withhold an award in any category where no entries, in the Jurys view, meet its standards for award / recognition.

12. Archive :

a) The DVDs sent for selection as well as digital tapes / media sent for the final screening winning film will be retained for the Festival Archive. Also, CDs / DVDs, containing photographs & publicity material received with the Entry Form will not be returned.

b) The Festival Authorities will have the right to screen award winning films in different cities of India on non-commercial basis.

13. Transportation :

a) Cost of transportation of tapes / media and all related documents, publicity materials from the country of origin to the Festival Office shall be borne by the entrant. Transportation cost for return of tapes / media will be borne by the Festival Authorities.

14. Insurance :

a) Insurance cost on films in transit from the country of origin to the Festival Office will be borne by the entrant.

b) The Festival Authorities undertake to insure tapes / media against technical damage, fire, destruction, loss, theft during the period between their arrival at the Festival Office and despatch from Festival Office.

c) For normal wear and tear of the tapes, Festival Authorities are not responsible.

15. General :

a) One film can be entered in one competitive section only.

c) Animation series/episodes made for TV Channels / Cable are not entitled to enter in the Competition Sections.

d) Films may be entered by any organization / agency or by an individual film Producer / Director who hold the copyright. There is no restriction on number of entries.

e) SPIFF is under no obligation to provide comments or feedbacks regarding the submitted film to applicant or any other representative of the submitted film.

f) For promotional / publicity purposes, clippings from any film entered in the festival may be shown on the National / International Television / Local network / Internet, etc.

g) Clippings of selected films will be put online on the official website of the festival.

h) Entry Forms with incorrect / inadequate / illegible / ambiguous particulars and not submitted along with the required certificate / undertaking will not be considered.

16. Disclaimer

All disputes in respect of any matter relating to the SPIFFshall be subjected to the exclusive jurisdiction of the competent courts and forums in Mumbai.

ATTENTION: – All Communications, Selected Entries, DVDs, and Documentation should be sent freight prepaid, addressed to:

Senseindia Foundation
Senseindia Padmapani International Film Festival
W.R.I.C, Mumbai University,Kalina Campus,
Santacruz (East) ,Mumbai 400098
Maharashtra state ,India



1.Golden Bodhisattava - For Best Film Director Rs.1,00,000/-
2 Golden Padmapani - Best Script Writer -Rs.1,00,000/-

3.Golden Vjrapani  + For Producer  Rs.1,00,000

Best Documentary film (Upto 40 mins.)1.Director2.Producer
Golden Conch + Rs.3,00,000

Golden Conch + Rs.2,00,000

Best Short Fiction film(Upto 45 mins.)1.Director2.Producer

Best Animation Film1.Director2.Producer
CHITRAPANI + Rs.30000/-

CHITRAPANI + Rs.2,00,00

*The details of this award will be announced separately.

**This award will be decided from International / National Competition Section.

***This award will be selected by audience from the films screened in the festival in the International / National Competition , Retrospectives, Special Packages, Non-competition Section / Information Sections & will be given to producer only.