Senseindia Padmapaani International Film Festival INDIA
                                 In Association with 
              RayKurosawa International Film Foundation - INDIA-JAPAN
                                          6th to 12th May 2022
                 Venue: W.R.I.C., Mumbai University ,Santacruz(East),Mumbai 98

The international Film Awards : Senseindia Padmpani Film Awards 2022

1. Senseindia Padmapani  Academy Awards of Merit shall be given annually to honor outstanding artistic and scientific
    achievements in theatrically released feature-length motion pictures, and to honor other
    achievements as provided for in these rules and approved by the Board of Governors.
2. Senseindia Padmpani Academy Awards shall be conferred at annual Awards ceremonies.
3. Senseindia Padmapani Academy Awards of Merit in the form of the gold statuette trophy of the Academy (Oscar)     shall be conferred annually for the following achievements:
                ACTING: Performance by an actor in a leading role.
                Performance by an actor in a supporting role.
                Performance by an actress in a leading role.
                Performance by an actress in a supporting role.
                ANIMATED FEATURE FILM: Best animated feature film of the year.
                CINEMATOGRAPHY: Achievement in cinematography.
                COSTUME DESIGN: Achievement in costume design.
                DIRECTING: Achievement in directing.
                DOCUMENTARY: For each of two classifications:
                                            a. Best documentary feature.
                                            b. Best documentary short subject.
                FILM EDITING: Achievement in film editing.

INTERNATIONAL FEATURE FILM: Best international feature film of the year.

MAKEUP AND HAIRSTYLING: Achievement in makeup and hairstyling.
MUSIC: For achievements in music written for motion pictures:
            a. Original score.*
            b. Original song.*
            c. Original musical.*

BEST PICTURE: Best motion picture of the year.
PRODUCTION DESIGN: Achievement in production design. 
(The Academy statuette shall be given also for the set decoration on the picture that wins the Production Design
SHORT FILM: For each of two classifications:
                        a. Best animated short film

SOUND: Achievement in sound.
VISUAL EFFECTS: Achievement in visual effects.
WRITING: For each of two classifications:
a. Adapted screenplay.
b. Original screenplay

​     Creative Film Awards : Individual creative Nomination 
     Technician Film Awards:  Individual Technician Nomination

      Film Submission Section  : 
      Retrospect: Films Produced between 2000-2021      
      Digital Panorama  :Films Produced between 2016-2021

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Senseindia International Padmpani  Film Awards 2022

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