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It has changed my views for lifeNayantara Pios - Food Technology  Researcher -----Indian Film Industry need sensible stories,
The well designed course content of
Senseindia is making worth Film Makers
and script writers.
Manoj Kumar Sekseria
Film Producer, Film Lab owner
Learning Film Making with Senseindia  makes
a lot of sense.Dr Mansur Yezdi
Documentary Film Maker
Recommended for Producers those who intends to start
Film Production.
Rajesh Singh -
Producer: Hindi Film Fareb, Anwar
Now I feel  that films are not secondary  in Life , 
its strong media for social  expressions.Varsha KaleNational President, Womanist Party of India
/ President, Bar Girls Association 
"In European Film workshop I learnt the rules
of Direction but with Senseindia Foundation I 
understood practical reasons to use it ."Benjamin. Germany ----
Now I have got confidence that I can Direct Documentary ."Komal Tolani, Hong Kong........I understand Film making is easy and interesting task  ."Geeta Raju, Australia
Its eye opening ."Shrikant Rao, TV and Dubbing artist.........Now I can write and Direct feature film on my own ."Hema Sardeasai, Singer.........I found serious effort on film education in India ."                            Reena Mehata, Canada                                                                                    ........I have understood the craft of Director.Prakash Bane.Film Producer 
I have got clear concepts  about the important rules of Film MakingDevendra Pem - Play Wright.........................Here is that artistic approach for filmmaking..’Mallika amar Shaikh -poetess and writer 
It is simply greate experience !  "I have  learn Script Writing in unbelivable time period"
S M Ziya Hasan 
Film Editor / BMM teacher -Patana
"Now I can confidently write and direct my feature film"
 Vineet Joshi - United Nations - New Dehli
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