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FAQ:  We have answerd following  frequently asked questions in since May 2002 

Who Can Attend the Film Wokshop /Course ?
     Any one interested to learn Film Making.Not any educational qualification is     needed. Woring knowledge in writing and reading is require.
Is it daily classroom training ?
    Senseindia's Film classes are only on weekend and 
    for short mert course only  for 3days 
Waht is age Limit ?
    Any body above 15 years of age can attend the course.
But I am not regular writer but can I attend course ?
    Yes no writing experice is required.
Is it  film  experience is reqire ?
    No need.
Can I ask my queries after the course completion?
Is it practical course ?
    Yes, with Camera practical.Acting and Wring Practical
I have Written Drama , Can I Make Film with it?
    No,You  must need to learn Screenplay 
Why should I need training, If I can Hire all Film Techinicians ?
    You should know all the imp work principles in all Film Depts.
What is basic qualification to become writer ?
I have written my novel, can I make film with it ?
    No ,you need to learn Screenplay writing technique 
How can in short time I acn learn Film Making / Script Writing?
    You can learn it with confidance. 
What is course Language ?
    Indian languages with supporting English and Hindi
Is it residencial program ?
Can I get work assistance after the course completion? 
Do I need to have my own Camera equipment?
Can I get Certificate after the course ?
Can I get certificate without my assignment submission?
How can I meet techincians for Making my Film ?
    Senseindia will coordinate it for you.
Can working professinal attend the course ?
Can I lean Camera facing ?
Can I Direct Film after the course ?
Can I act in Film and Theater after Acting Course ?
Can I write Novel after atteding Script Writing Course ?
    Yes, You can write Novel ,Drama and Screenplay after the course.
Where with take palce the classes?
    As par mentioned in course details of venue.

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