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  •         Inner Force of energy..

  • External influence  
  • Early childhood

  • The realization of expressions 

  • The Formations of conceptions

  • The Reaction

  • Social reactions / action

  • Personal Actions

  • Abstract Actions 

  • Reactions: Understanding of acting  

  • Concept maturity 

  • The Developments of Senses..

  • Development by brilliance 

  • With in the parameters of logics 

  • Development by Intuitions

  • No limitations of logics and parameters  

  • Development of senses in programming of acting.

  • The Formations of multiple characters  
  • Emotional Memory

  • Visual     Memory

  • Sound Memory

  • Expressions

  • Inner tempo and rhythm

  • Inner ethics and Diciplin 

  • Dramatic expressions

  • Expected result

  • Understanding the situation and feelings

  • Instant decision of emotion

  • Dramatic expression with true feelings

  • Acting for Film  (Practicle on Camera)

  • True understanding of The Film and TV Media

  •  Film Language

  • Interpretations of scenes

  • Study of An art of acting From successful Actors 

  • Feeling  life…

  • Characters…

  • Emotions ….

  • The Universal Language…

  • ACTING PRODUCTION : Prodution of short film

                             Bapu  Sarvagod  -
                                                                    Post Graduate from Film and TV Institute of India, Pune 
                                                                    Bapu has Written ,Produced and Directed 
                                                                    Feature Film  “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on Devdasi   
​                                                                    Custom in India., And “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) on Socio- Political 
​                                                                    issues. He is the Founder of Senseindia Foundation. He has designed the 
​                                                                    Script Writing course syllabus with 15 years experience in research and 
​                                                                    teaching story writing   and visual language. Thousands of his students are 
​                                                                    benefited with his knowledge in Cinema and Story Writing since 2002. He 
​                                                                    is complete Film Maker working on his Feature films as Writer and director 
​                                                                    as well as consultant on various Film projects. 

                                                                   Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Mumbai University's  Screenplay 
                                                                   Syllabus Draft Committee .


Course Fees: 9000/- (Inclusive of study material, stationary,Production cost etc: )

ELIGIBILITY:  Above 15 Years of Age 
Contact for Admission  
 9769595860 / 8850033436
EMAIL: director@senseindia.net 
Click here for onine  registration 

                                                     ABHINAY BATCH  -  ACTING PRINCIPLES



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Venue : W.R.I.C., Mumbai University, Kalina Campus Santacruz (East) Mumbai 98