Written by Dr Sukh ‘Princess’ Shahid

God made human beings equal but societies and cultures made biases and inequalities: gender, race, caste, and what not! In many cultures, women have suffered despite being stronger emotionally compared to men. They were kept as mere objects of gratification and sacrifice. They could not decide anything on their own and had to depend for money on their spouses or sons. But now there are an increasing percentage of women worldwide who dictate their own terms and do not allow anyone to dominate them. These are the independent women of today. 
The Urban Dictionary defines independent woman as one who pays her own bills and buys her own things. And she does not allow a man to affect her self-confidence or stability in any way. This is ‘true’ woman empowerment. It is immaterial whether she is married, is in a relationship, or is single. The most important element of the life of an independent woman is that her decisions are her own. She is not ruled by anyone other than herself. She lives for her own happiness and does not permit anyone to ruin it. 
There are a multitude of unique qualities which characterize the Independent woman. She is one who inspires others and sets an example for society. She is successful and fun-loving. She is ready to face life challenges alone and with a brave heart. She is aware that love is a part of her life and not her entire life. She has her own space and fights it out if need be. She usually does not ask for help from others and prefers to do things on her own. Independent women are adventure-loving and love to travel. Since she is intimidating, she has few but selected friends. She is fearless and bold. She has the guts to go against a culture which she feels is repressive. She is affectionate, sensitive, compassionate, intelligent, and skilful. She is strong and career-oriented. She loves to learn new things. If unfortunately, she falls into an oppressive relationship, she finds her way out and does not stick to it. Her goals in life are never unrealistic. An independent woman is balanced in her emotions and does not over-react to situations. But she also has her own strengths and weaknesses like any other human being. 
To be an independent woman in this world is a ‘hard’ task but nonetheless not an ‘impossible’ task. The reaction of the world towards such independent women is varied. It varies from some people considering that she is some sort of a mystery, a mystical being, a myth, or a Goddess. Some will give her over-respect and place her on a pedestal to be worshipped. On the other hand, some may spill hate and vitriol. But an independent woman does not fall prey to such hate-mongers. She continues with her life and in fact is too busy to pay heed to trolls or be affected by them. 
An independent woman wants neither undue respect nor hate. She just wants to be taken as any other human being. Montina Young is an entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia and a mother of three. She is an independent woman and had stated in her YouTube video on SPARKWISDOM YouTube channel that independent women do not need a pat on their back for doing what normally a ‘grown-up person’ is expected to do, namely pay their own bills, buy houses, cars, and decide for themselves. With 39.6k followers on her channel, this video has garnered nearly 24k views until now.
So the take-home message is that independent women are real and very much humane like others. They want respect as a person and not as a Goddess or exotic creature. They are an integral part of society and want to be accepted in society as normal human beings!!! Love it or hate it, she is here to stay!

Senseinda Pen