Right Brain/ Left Brain Quiz

Directions: Take this test by selecting the answer which best describes you at this present time. Every time you read a description or characteristic that applies to you, select the first response that seems right. After you are done, we'll evaluate your responses automatically by adding them up. Whichever number is higher represents your dominance. If the numbers are close, that means you use both sides of your brain equally.
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After the success of season 1 family man season 2 will surely mesmerize you if you haven't watched it yet . Manoj Bajpayee ( Shrikant Tiwari ) has nailed the role of an intelligence officer working for TASC (threat analysis and surveillance cell) in a very good manner, but you will surely be surprised to see him in a different avatar at the start of the season . Where he works for an IT company doing a very mediocre job . Samantha Akkineni made her debut to the OTT platform through family man season 2 and played the character of 'Raji' as a contrast to Shrikant . Watching this duo against each other will surely be a delight for the viewers . The story line of this season is intriguing than the past season which dealt with different form of terrorism and their adjoining activities, to be specific the Sri Lankan terrorists (tamil rebels) seeking assylum in India and carrying their activities from the down south . Although the resemblance of the rebels is very similar to a known organization and could be a bit controversial or hurt the sentiments of some viewers . The addition of some new and interesting characters can be a cherry on top , such as 'Chellam Sir ' played by Uday Mahesh . The rebel groups from Sri Lanka which are set here feel betrayed by the Indian Government by their internal policies and hence plan assassination of a great political leader (not giving spoilers here) with the help of ISI and major Sameer (Darshan Kumar) who manipulates the leader of the tamil rebel forces 'Bhaskaran'(MIme Gopi) to plan this attack. The story has been linked very well showing the involvement of the ISI . JK Talpade (Sharib Hashmi) did a very good job playing as colleague and friend of Shrikant and timely advising and motivating him, making him realise his potential and responsibilities. He also did not forget to amaze the audience with his one liners and screenplay. Priyamani (Suchi) Shrikants wife can be seen in a completely different role unlike season 1 where she complains about Shrikant not giving and spending enough time with his family . Although in this season Shrikant feels insecure about Sharad Kelkar(Arvind) and also a chemistry can be seen between Suchi and Arvind which Suchi cannot tell to Shrikant and feels really guilty about it . The young cast of this series has given an eye-catching performance ,Ashlesha Thakur (Dhriti) continues to be as stubborn as season one and ends up in trouble. Vedant Sinha ( Atharv) played a astonishing and farce role supporting Shrikant and Suchi unlike Dhriti . An amazing brother sister chemistry can be seen between both the characters which many viewers could find relatable . All the supporting characters played their characters very well supporting the lead roles . The screenplay and dialouges are very well co ordinated filled with witticism . A lot of Tamil dialogues are used which many of the users find difficult to understand without sub titles .The music and title song of the series are also amazing and quite catchy . Directors Raj and DK did a good job keeping the series very realistic and believable for the audience , but it could have been really nice if they hadn't missed some small but important screenplay details . The action scenes have been kept very realistic but can be seen overdone in some episodes . 
The series is very good and full of patriotism and is recommended to the audience of the appropriate age groups , because use of harsh language and scenes can be seen in some episodes ..
Overall the series is worth watching .
                                                               Nishant Gaikwad

THE FAMILY MAN 2 -Senseflix rating 
he word itself can be annoying or disgusting for some of us but it truly defines the whole story line of this movie . The movie was released on 30th May 2019 in South Korea where it was directed by director 
Bong Joon-ho . In India the movie was released on 31th January 2020 . Parasite can be defined as a living organism or being that lives in or on another living being and gets its food from it and they can be dangerous . The audience will surely get the title after they watch the movie . The story line is very unique even with lack of music and action scenes . A poor South Korean family (Kims) are unemployed and are in a desperate search for of job to make a living when they are approached by a family friend who works for a very rich family (Parks) . He gets a job opportunity as a tutor for Ki-Woo (Woo-sik Choi) the son who accepts the offer, later he gets all his family members working for the family for which he is working as a tutor by his intelligence and a lot of interesting scenes can be seen in this process . The poor family is portrayed in a very simple and realistic way by Kang Ho Song (father),Jang Hye-jin(mother) and Park So-dam as daughter . The lead roles can be seen acting a parasites and keeping up the title of the movie. A very discrepant relationship can be seen between both the families the Kims and the Parks (the rich family) where the Kims envy about the Parks leading to some disturbing incidences .The supporting cast have also done an astonishing job assisting the lead roles .
The cast of the movie is very limited consisting of only two families 'the hosts' and the 'parasites' . The screenplay is very interesting not failing to create timely suspense and thrill . The dialogues are translated in very simple manner making it easily understandable to the Indian viewers .
parasite 2.jpeg
Although some scenes could be tedious for some viewers due to lack of locations and characters , but the film has some moral values which the viewers will find interesting . The film was praised world wide for story and amazing direction . The film won a total number of four Oscars making it worth for a one time watch . The film would be a delight or a treat for the viewers seeking suspense, plot twist and could engage them in a nail biting situation . 
                                                                  NISHANT GAIKWAD

PARASITE Senseflix Rating