Every aspiring Film Producer / Director Should know the most important aspect in Film Production process and Film Business         before they start the Film Production venture. As Film Making is very Expensive industry one must aware of acute knowledge in         new age Film Production norms. Senseindia's    Film Production Workshop  is designed  to aware people about  key         factors of Movie Business Content

        Workshop is designed for 
        the People who intends to begin Film Production.

        The Roll of Film Maker as Director and Producer

        The most important requirements of Film Producer

        Film Production
            in Pre- Production
        Direction and Film Production
            In Production stage
        Direction in and Production
           in Post Production stage

        Direction :
       Direction and Production  
       The Job of Director Working 
        with Creative crew  and Technical crew 
        Working as Producer and Director

        Handling Subject for Production
        Market  and Subject Research Selection of Cast and
        Crew Location Hunting Recourse arrangements

       Film and High Definition Shooting Format

        Legal Aspect
        Title - 
        Production Formation
        Film and TV Formats
         Film Censor 
        Film Marketing and Release 

           Faculty :

Bapu Sarvagod: 

                                                    BAPU SARVAGOD
                                                    Post Graduate from Film and TV Institute of India, Pune.
                                                      Bapu has Written ,Produced and Directed few Documentary Films and Feature Film “Holy                                                     Bastard”(English/Hindi)based on Devdasi Custom in India., And “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) on Socio- Political issues in                                                     India. 15years experience in research and teaching story writing and  visual language Thousands of his students are benefited with                                                       his knowledge in  Cinema and Story Writing since  2002. He is complete Film Maker as consultant on various Film projects. 

                                                    working on his Feature films as Writer and Director as well as Project consultant on various        
                                                    Film projects. 

                                                    Member of Screenplay syllabus draft committee - Mumbai University
                                                    Panel Member on Times of India's Academic Faculty in Film Making  

                                                    Registration  Fees: Rs 19500/- only 
                                                     Inclusive of study material, stationary, Lunch and   production cost)

                                                    Contact for details and participation : 

                                                    9769595860 / 8879929487
                                                       Register online: for Film Production Workshop


          How to Plan Film Production /Budgeting / Scheduling             
                                       ( 2 Days  Certificate course in Film Business )


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    Know most the Important 
    facts in Film Production and     Save 40% of Production     Budget