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The Poets Wish
By Charles Hoby,
Sehloho Piet Rampai,
& Francis Onyedikachi

The poets wish is a poetry collection that collection by three poets. It contains 30 poems broken into three parts and each part contains ten poem by each of the contributing poets. The issues covered in the collection are centered on love,life and socio political issues in our society.Since the poets are from different countries, each poet presents a vivid account of issues that a pertinent to their societies. The Poets Wish tells you about the issues that are prevalent in almost every society. The poems in this book holds up a mirror of our society and the issues that needs our intervention. Some of the concerns visible in the collection includes colonialism and its implications, child abuse and enslavement, the covid 19 pandemic, love affairs in the African society, hero worship in the African culture, nationalism among many other issues.I will recommend this book for any one who desires to have a full understanding of contemporary societal issues in the African society. 
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Consciousness Explained Scientifically by Substance Dualism: Demonstrates the Existence of the Soul and God How the consciousness comes into existence?'

By Sanjeev Jain

 is the second top unanswered mystery in science. The top unanswered mystery is 'what is the universe made of?'

Physicalism or materialism finds itself quite inadequate to explain mental qualities and free will in terms of excitation of neurons and their modular connections.

Untangling the mystery of consciousness has been esteemed as the proudest achievement of humankind. Consciousness is left as the last frontier in science whose explanation may perhaps require the conceptualisation of soul and god; otherwise, any divine soul or god is denied in existence, as it does not fit into the known science.

This book explains consciousness by conceiving a scientific soul that leads to a plausible explanation for all aspects of consciousness and also leads to God. This book describes and explains consciousness comprehensively. Its offshoot also leads us a possible explanation for near-death-experiences, the origin of life and parapsychology.

This book will lead you to know your thyself. It will awaken your spirit of inquiry for such questions as 'who am I' and 'who is God' while providing some answers also.
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The Successful Professional Makes First Impressions
 by Surynarayan SV
 dives deeper into the importance of first impressions and how to make the best of them. This mini ebook is packed full of information to assist you with framing enduring, amazing, and impactful connections with everyone you meet. The tips contained inside are sure to help you with moving beyond those negative thoughts and turn the hate of meetings into a love of new connections.

Being a veteran professional himself, the Author Suryanarayana SV, besides happened to be an enthusiastic individual on forging instant professional connections, spreads out the ABCDs of first impressions- Attitude, Body language, Communication, and Dressing. These concepts are examined independently, but in real life, they are frequently all happening at the same time to have the most impact.
Inside this incredible three-in-one pack you’ll find:

Attitude matters a ton! Attitude is the emotion that you embody and affects your body language and communication. The author discloses how to recognize various perspectives in yourself, including a thought exercise, and breaks down right and wrong attitudes.

Body language speaks louder than words. Tricks to convey confidence and identify nervous habits and discuss the importance of not only an eye to eye contact but also eyebrows connection are given in this section.

The Communication part focuses on proper greetings and going beyond small talk to having real conversations to create deeper connections. 
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Experiment X : The Path of Remembrance 
Colin Anderson
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From the moment of our birth, death—a mystery still—becomes a fact of life.

In 1984, Jenny witnessed the death of her three-year-old daughter, Elin Mair.

Awakening – The Inevitable Door is written in conversation with her daughter, revealing her dying process, her birth and her conception which had its beginnings in another dimension.

The author first received from this dimension, now known to her as the Realms of Light, during her daughter’s hospital stay.

This book also reveals:

How communication with Elin Mair and the Realms of Light, which includes the Angels, occurs.

Communications from Elin Mair’s departed birth family and why.

The connection between mankind and other forms of life, including the planet Earth, has a relationship with other dimensions.

Why and how love expressed through the heart is the most powerful energy of transformation there is, which we can use for good.
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