Blessings have the power to change lives, so let us do something that blessings of elders should remain in our lives. Personally I believed that our parents, senior citizen are just like god for us. They are full of wishes and blessings. Remember, they have given their all to us, now it’s our turn to fulfill our duty towards them. According to me today all of us should give love, care and respect to them. Tomorrow, when we’ll old, it will automatically return to us in the same way. So, let us start to make a social environment in which everyone is happy, safe, and secure. From right now let's do something for them together.
                            Dr. Mamta Chandrashekhar

                                      She is a Professor and writer of 17 books, Stories, Poems, Research papers, and  
                                       Articles. She has Awarded for THE DEGREE OF DOCTOR OF LETTERS entitled “
                                      Changing Nature of Socio-Political Status & Human Rights of Women. She is a Ph-D 
                                      research guide of Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya, Indore, and Dr. B. R. Ambedkar of 
                                      Social Sciences, Mhow. She has chaired the first session of the ICHSS 2014,  
                                      International Conference on Human and Social Sciences on 18-19 Oct. 2014 at Dubai, 
She is in the Editorial Board of International Journal of Interdisciplinary Research in the Political Science Association of Kasetsart University, Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand, Member of the international forum of Political Science in the American Association of international Researcher (AAIR), New York, USA. In the Editorial board of national Journal of Political Science Gyan Garima Sindhu, CSTT, New Delhi and in the Editorial board of national Journal of Interdisciplinary Research, Kautilya Research Journal, Kautilya Foundation, Ludhiana, India.  
She has awarded for National Excellence Award by the World Book of Records, ALMA for outstanding contribution in promoting the cause of education, in 2020, the Creative Writing Award by National Human Rights Commission, New Delhi in 2011, and Rani Durgavati Award, awarded by Rani Durgavati Vishwavidyalaya, Jabalpur.
It is an honor for me to have a position on the Advisory Board of the Grand Light Ashram.
They support the senior citizens whenever they can and in any way they can. With a dedicated team of volunteers.  
Most young people see their elderly family members as a burden. Because they suffer from pain and illnesses, often through no fault of their own. In need of 24-hour care, financial help, or otherwise. Being young and healthy makes them forget they themselves can end up that way too.
And wouldn’t they love to get the help and the care when they need it most?
Apart from the pain and the illnesses, our senior citizens have a lot to give back. Their wisdom, their knowledge, and life experiences. Think about that for a moment. What would we do without their advice? 
Sometimes hardship in families can make it difficult to provide for their elderly members. 
That’s why I am proud to help the Grand Light Ashram. They provide food, healthcare, and other necessary resources for the senior citizens if others can’t.
But they cannot do it without your help! Any donation will make it easier for this foundation to give support to those who need it the most. And remember, one day, you may wish for their services as well. 
                                         Patricia Shannon

Patricia Shannon
Author and Entrepreneur, New Zealand

Already at an early age, Patricia Shannon began writing short stories. She successfully completed a Creative Writing Course in Sydney, Australia. She further mastered her craft and self-published several books from 2009 onwards. ‘Sarah and Kim’s Magical Adventure’, ‘The Adventure of Moonie the Moon Bear’, ‘An Unusual Gathering’, ‘A Cunning Liaison’, and in collaboration with
author Yogesh Bhatt from India ‘Faithless Romance’, which received a 4-star rating, out of 5.

Together with her husband, she successfully owned and managed a packaging business in New Zealand in the 90s, and a holiday business in Spain, from 2000 to 2008. Thus gaining excellent skills in communication, customer services, and management.

In 2016, she co-founded Frombook2movie, and in 2020 ShannYog Creations. With one clear vision: to share her writing with the world, and mentor others with the same ambition.
She completed film scripts in different genres; horror, adventure, crime, and romance. 
Patricia also developed and maintains the website for both companies.

Being an animal lover, she became an Advisory Board member of the Duette Animal Rescue Team in Florida, USA. And most recently joined the Grand Light Ashram project of the Senseindia Foundation as an Advisory member, as well as the Tawheed Foundation India to end hunger.