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I must thank you for showing interest
 in the Film Courses of Senseindia Foundation. 

Film media is mare tool that holds the prime impression
 on the mind of society.. and so that we intend to make the
 filmmakers with social responsibility. Now days it’s easy
 to get an accesses with the tool of film making but,
 I think the passion and the thought  for expression
 is more important than the tool. 

As your friend I Suggest you to feel the passion inside you,
 and when the inner “idea” becomes mature,
 you will find it in the form of Film on the big screen . 

Akira Kurosava  the Director of film "RASHOMAN"
 says in his biography that,
 one of ultimate medicine in China is collected 
from sweat of toad that purposely kept in
 the dark wooden box so  that it sweats in uneasy
 and panic situation.
 An artist has to get inside to realize the pain
for expression that will help humanity. 

If its possible try to understand the life of 
Great filmmakers like Serge Eisenstein,
 Akira Kurosava, Feline, Bergman, Andre Tarkovaski,
 Dadasaheb Falke, Baburao Painter,V. Shantaram,
 Gurdutta, Stevens Spielberg, James Cameron
 And lot of new age young filmmakers who have proved themselves. 

An inspiration always makes ourself active for achievement of ultimate goal in life . You must know that  Filmmakers are real stars in Film Media. Study   any good or bad film with an objective eye and you will realize the art of filmmaking. I strongly recommend you to get involve in your “own film project”, Format and Length doesn’t matter but write it, shoot it and edit it.  Senseindia Foundation is  a platform where you can find the unique recourses that  will help to achieve your goal. In the form of   Filmmaking, Senseindia Foundation  intends to share the knowledge    for understanding   cinema, concept and an experience of life  You need   a strong will power, and so that    .“Atta Deepa Bhava”  is the  thought in Indian Philosophy that means to Become our own light !!
                                                                                BAPU SARVAGOD
                                                                              Founder / Director
Senseindia Foundation Media Research and Education Forum ®     

Foreword by Founder