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Holy Bastard Pavitra Dasiputra is based on the past Devadasi custom in India that dates back to Puranas. Devadasi translates as female servant of god, which means serving the village priest or Landlord: in short a divine prostitute. In the film story of young girl Renuka from Aandhra Pradhesh is being Narrated to Niha Vyas an unwedded mother and Suvajra a British Buddhist monk (As flashback) by her son Raman. Suvajra runs Buddhist Mediation center in Hill area where Niha Vyas also meditates with him. She doesn’t intends to tell her baby about biological father and she only intends to give birth to her child in spiritual surrounding and so that she comes from Hong Kong.  
RENUKA as Devadsi and forced her to marry with goddess Yellamma.  Custom decrees that she must spend her first night with the landlord. She becomes a pregnant and gives birth to boy, Raman .As he grows older he sees various men visiting his mother Renuka .One night Raman wakes up to a struggle in which Mallappa, the landlords right hand man, is trying to force him self on Renu. In a range, Raman hits Mallappa with an iron rod and kills him. The boy flees to an orphanage.  Niha Vyas gives birth to her daughter Purnima and stays back in India to help Suvajra as interpreter in mediation. Years letter Raman visits his village and searches for his mother. In despair, he goes to a brothel where he discovers that the prostitute in front of him is his mother. He rescues her from brothel and dedicates his life to fight against the inhuman Devadasi custom.

Written and Directed By Bapu Sarvagod

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