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The most important film in top ten romantic movies in the world

Critical Analysis by Lahari Bhattacharya - Kolkata

Pyasaa a film which is ubiquitously regarded as one of the top 10 world classics Romantic films of all times is directed produced and acted by the multi-talented Guru Dutt. The film posits the untenable hapless predicament of the post-colonial society. The protagonist Vijay symbolizes the erudite honest creative-minded people of the society who are the perpetual victim of condescension, deception of the opportunist society. Despite dealing with a heart- wrenching subject like this the director has sufficiently sprinkled his film with comic-relief. The scores in the film bosts one of the best performances of S.D Burman, Sahir Ludhianvi,Geeta Dutt, Mohammed Rafi. The film commences with Vijay romanticism nature. Amidst this romantic melieu the 2 second scene of the trampling of a bee aptly sends a signal regarding the subject the film deals with.
The two protagonists of the film Vijay and Gulabo hail from very different fields of profession. One is a poet and the other a prostitute but the identification of their sorrows,griefs and pains bring to light a striking similarity. In fact artists at that time and even today are ostracized from the society just as prostitutes are.
We see Vijay battling the society to create a niche for himself but the society symbolized by the publishers, Meena,his brothers are all impervious to his art. We learn of his college romance with Meena and how she cut him off her life to climb the echelons of society. The lift ride on their first formal meeting in the film precisely states his past with her.
A major crisis occurs in the film with the death of Vijay’s mother. She was the only person who anchored him to life.
Her departure from his life leads him to capitulate to the vicious grip of existential crisis. This even leads him to the path of death. An ironical situation is concocted in the story when people recognise his talent after his death. How name and fame can change the attitude of opportunist people is very artistically portrayed. We see them sharing the profits from Vijay’s poetry but when the get an opportunity to present the world with the real personality the cold-heartedly deny recognising him.The film shows how the world is brimmimg with fair-weather friends. We see them again changing colours when Vijay appears in the forefront.The film also upholds the way the society commodifies the prostitutes. They exist only as long as their service.
Parallaly the film weaves a beautiful platonic love story between Vijay and Gulabo. Even though she is a prostitute she is muffled by a spiritual air. Her spirituality is corroborated by the song “Aaj Sajan MUjhe Ang LAgalo”.Our respect for Gulabo escalates when after after the fake rumour of Vijay’s death she stakes her lifelong earnings to publish his poetry. As a person whose dreams will always remain unrealised she goes out on a limb to fulfill Vijay’s dreams. In the end we are releaved to see that they have found their way to each other.
The questions facts put forward by the film were not only relevant during that time but have maintained the similar status even today. In the end we see Vijay explicitly stating that he is not against the people but against the system in which this society operates. It is the system which has sucked the soul out of them. It is the system which has gradually moulded them into flesh eating vultures.