12-13-26-27 Nov 2022  10am to 6pm
(Certificate Course in Film Direction and Script Writing )
 Venue: W.R.I.C, Mumbai University, Kalina Campus,Santacruz (East) Mumbai 98

   Direction and Script Writing Workshop: 

     Direction and Script Writing as an Art 
      The Job of Director and Script Writer - Story Development
      Concept Development  and Script Writing
       Story Development -
       Interpreting the Script / Idea-Concept Development - Structure
       Story Development: Novel /Film  / Documentary / Corporate Film
       Screenplay Writing: Format and Project Proposal
       Protection of Rights
      Project Pitching
       Shooting Script
      Plan to tell the Story through action
      Establishing Characters and Motives
      Casting Process: Developing Character Description Actors 
      Emotions : Emotional Memory
        : Love 
        : Hate
      Expressions:  Use of actor’s Emotions  as Character’s 
      Sound- Pitch and Dialogue Direction
      Dealing with embracing scenes: actor’s Problems
     Camera Rehearsals and Test   : Coordination of actor’s and camera 
      Sound Rehearsals: Creating with Body and  
      Theater and Film acting compare 

       Working with Creative crew “ Like Writers, Actors, 
       Music Director, Production Designers 
      Working with Technical crew - 
      Cinematographer, Audiographer Editor,  
      Art Director etc.

      Practical Sessions in Script Writing and Direction  :
           1. Interpretation of Story and Scene treatment
     ​      2. Casting (With logical Justification)
​           3. Directing Actors Practical Sessions in Direction : 

  Types of shot Taking - Camera movements
        purposes of shots - Shot Division

   Direction and Screenplay of Two Scene Continuity Film
      Five Shot continuity :
    Participant are supposed to Write and Direct a short film for 
    understanding of  various  aspects of scene ,shot division
     and production continuities .

   Screening of Model Films to understand the grammar of  film making 

   Screening and Analysis of exercises shot in workshop 



Participation Fees: Rs 11500/- only  
   (Inclusive of study material,stationary,
 Lunch , production cost ect.)​ 

 For participation Contact: 9769595860 / 8850033436
​    Email :

   Click here for online registration for Film Direction-Script Writing  Workshop

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Film Direction Aug.2013 Batch
Film Directed by Senseindia's 
Student Samruddhi Pore
Film Written by Senseindia's 
Student Romell Rodrigues
Film Produced by Senseindia's
Student Rajesh Singh 
4 Day's Exclusive FILM MAKING WORKSHOP on Direction and Script
at Mumbai University
Written and Directed By Anand Orosakar
Independent Film Director  Writer
A director who is just starting out may find themselves on the set of an independent feature. Independent features are certainly not the wasteland they used to be. With Senseindia Foundation There are numerous examples of those who have achieved great success by working as a director on an independent feature film. Usually the budgets are smaller, the cast a bit less known (if at all) and the production support staff a lot smaller. But it’s an opportunity for an unknown director to get an opportunity to show the entertainment community what they are capable of.
The Academic knowledge of Film Making helps to confidence for directing Films 
Studied Film Direction  and Script Writing at India’s premier Film organization Film and TV Institute of India, (1999) Pune Fine art Painting at prestigious Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai (1995) and his studies in Masters of Philosophy and Vippassana at Mumbai University. (2000)
 Bapu Sarvagod has Written, Produced and Directed International acclaimed Feature Film “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on  Devdasi Custom in India., that is released in London and which was also entered in  Cannes and Berlin Film Festival His second feature film “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) is based on Socio- Political 15years experience in research and teaching story writing and visual language.  Bapu Sarvagod has trained more than 15000 Filmmaker and writers are benefited with his knowledge in Cinema and Story Writing since 2002 from various part of India 
and abroad . He is complete Film Maker working on his Feature films as  Writer and director as well as consultant on various National International Film projects. 
He is Founder / Director of Senseindia Foundation Media research and Education Forum that is the first governmental organization
 that is dedicated for the enlightenment of society about Film Media. Senseindia Foundation
 is a ‘Media Research and Education Forum’ is an organization house 
that endeavors to create awareness of Film Making Tool among intellectuals, media experts, 
social activists and young enthusiastic people. Apart form Film Production and Research Main 
stream Activity of Senseindia is to promote True Sense of Indian Philosophy through activities
in Art, Culture, and Informal Education in social interest. Senseindia Foundation is established 
in 1997 by Filmmaker Bapu Sarvagod while he was student at Film and TV Institute of India. 
After seven years practical experience and research in film education Senseindia Foundation 
Media Research and Education Forum started functioning since 2002 for the cause of making 
the sensible Filmmakers and writers with social responsibility. As result of 15 years of Senseindia’s
 ground work around hundreds of its film makers have made feature film and they have 
got nationals and International Award for their works.

Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Mumbai University’s Screenplay Syllabus Draft Committee.  
Panel of Film Academics of Times of India -Mumbai 
Bhartity Kalaratna Award by Sahayog Foundation -Mumbai  

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