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DIPLOMA IN SCRIPT WRITING                          
             Only on Sat -Sun 3pm to 6pm

    Venue:   W.R.I.C., Mumbai University,Kalina Campus, Santacruz (East),Mumbai 98
  Senseindia's weekend Diploma Course in Script Writing is Not only for screenwriters, but for the complete Film Makers.
  The process of writing  story treatment can help screenwriters to built  solid foundation in r screenplay writing  
  Script Writing Diploma course  covers step-by-step,understanding of  story and Scrip writing methods practically 
  producing process of story treatment writing simple with ground-breaking approach to the form. In the span of one year 
  Script Writing Course develops the writer's mind in to sensitive Screenplay writer. 
 The thought  process is taught with critical assignments to enlightenment of writers about the practicalities of Film Industry.
  By the end of Diploma  participants will have a strong treatment and a solid content research for professional Industry screenplay and Novel
  Senseindia's Diploma in Script Writing is designed with 15 years research for the people who intends social change through cinema.
 The professional work experience with Industry people makes Senseindia's Diploma Holder  in confident Script Writer


   Principles in Story Development :

      Literature and Social Reflections in Art

      Applications of Creativity in Literature  and Cinema

      World Literature and Cinema

      History of Indian Story development Process

      Impact of religions on writing 

      Novel writing and its screenplay adaptation

       History of Indian Film Writing

      Genres in Script Writing 

      Important principles in Idea to Final Draft 

      Creation of content:

           Idea to Screenplay - 

           Pre -production - 



          Practical Sessions in Script writing 

           Concept - Story 



            Story line / Structure
            Screenplay / Audio Visual

            Dialog / Story-boarding 
            Adaptation of Novel for Cinema
            Production Design  

              Scriptwriter’s commitments.

       Script Registration – Story Protection

    Outdoor activities
        Study tours
        Location Hunting
        Situation Realizations 

     Cinematographic experience 

     Project Works :   Novel / Feature Film / TV Serial / Documentary Research and Script / Research Dissertation 

                                       Bapu  Sarvagod  

Visiting Faculties:  as par the availability   of resource persons and  various guest faculties will visit  
                                            for particular subject lectures . 

       S.S.C./ H.S.C. Person having working  knowledge of Hindi / English languages. 

​    Course Fess:
         Admission Fees Rs.4500
       Tuition Fees Rs.94000/ Per  term/- ( Inclusive of study material,stationary,snacks,production coast ) 
        Hostel Fees Rs. 44000/- Per Term ( If Required)

    Limited Seats- Admissions on   First Come Basis.

        Contact for admission :8850033436  / 9769595860 
            EMAIL: filmworkshop@senseindia.net    Click here to Register online 

       Click here for online registration for Script Writing Workshop

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Advanced  Script  Writing Session.
Senseindia's Advanced Script Writing Course 6 April-25May 2014 Batch Participants
Advanced SCript and Direction Course Oct-Nov 2014 Batch
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  Internationally recognised by 
I think audiences get too comfortable and familiar in today’s movies. They believe everything they’re hearing and seeing. I like to shake that up.
- Christopher Nolan
I’m a storyteller – that’s the chief function of a director. And they’re moving pictures, let’s make ‘em move!
- Howard Hawks
Professional Film Maker .
  Bapu Sarvagod is Professional Film Maker with his unique skills in Film Education. An Artist and Film Director studied at Film Making at Film and TV Institute of India, Pune. Bapu stuied Fine arts Painting at Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai,that helps him to visualize Film on big canvas. His MA in Philosophical studies held at Mumbai University. After acute research in Devdasi custom Bapu has Written ,Produced and Directed internationally acclaimed Feature Film “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on Devdasi Custom in India., Bapus's second feature film have strong statement about Indian polity “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) on Socio- Political has strong statement about Indian polity . Bapu Sarvagod has his deep research in Indian Sanskrit content written about SAHITYADARPAN ,LOGIC and Literature developments. His 17 years of observation in Indian Cinema and Indian Culture made him to developed unique syllabus suitable for Indian Film Makers and Writers that create true Indian Sense in the expressions

Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Screenplay syllabus draft committee - University of Mumbai

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Vahida Nainar is an activist, researcher/writer and consultant working independently. Among other things, 
  she is the co-founder/Trustee of Women’s Research and Action Group based in Bombay,
  former Board member of Urgent Action Fund (Global and Africa) She is former Executive Director of
  Women's Caucus for Gender Justice in the International Criminal Court,New York.  
  She has co-edited a book 'Pursuit of Justice - Mass Crimes and Relevance of International Standards' published by
  Oxford University Press and published articles on the issues she works on - justice, human rights, gender and conflict
  at international levels.