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     Certificate in Script and Creative Writing 
     Advanced Diploma in Script and Creative Writing  
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 Customize Script Writing Training :
  For Personal coaching Program

​Become Novel Writer, Script Writer with inner confidence as Writer 

  Are you working on a script, play, novel or book? We can help. Our professional writing coaching     program will guide you through every step of the writing process, from initial idea to completion  of     the final draft. You’ll meet with your writing coach on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, working  your way   through your script 10 pages at a time, keeping your deadlines, and building both your  art craft and   your craft as a writer.  

 Weekly - Bi-Weekly Sessions with a professional writing coach.
  A 1 Hour Script Consultation, including a full read of your entire script (up to 120 pages).
  An Monthly Industry Seminar– designed to help you build your career at the same time you build    your craft.

  As par our schedule permits, and on a select basis,We will read your script and meet with you      privately, either in person or by phone, to give you our detailed feedback.  
 This would include my actual notes in your script, and any ideas for improving the story,  characterizations, plot and dialogue.

 It usually takes me a few days to read your script and synthesize our thoughts into notes that will  be constructive. And when we meet, or talk by phone, we need to be prepared to spend at least  three hours together.

 Forever Change The Way You View Screenwriting.
 Rather than imposing formulaic models from the outside, you’ll learn to organically “grow” your  script, from initial idea, to character, to scene, to act, to the movie you’ve always dreamed of  writing.

 Jump Start Your Writing.
 Whether you’re a young writer picking up the pen for the first time, or an old pro looking to inject  new life into your writing, this exciting four week workshop will teach you a whole new way of  looking at the fundamentals, and help you integrate your artistic goals into your real world life.

 A Special Emphasis On In-Class Writing.
 Experience our mind opening in-class writing exercises, designed to get you writing and keep you  writing. Under our careful guidance, you will learn how to get your creativity flowing at will, to create  the kinds of scenes that you’ve always wanted to write.

 A Community That Fuels Your Creative Fire.
 Our groundbreaking approach to feedback fosters a close-knit community of fellow writers, whose  only goal is to support you in yours. Together, you’ll discover a new form of feedback that keeps the  focus on what really matters: your story and how you want to tell it.

 Build A Writing Lifestyle.
 This workshop will teach you more than just great writing. It will prepare you to make writing a  permanent part of your life. Along the way, you’ll learn how to overcome writer’s block, self doubt,  procrastination, and other obstacles to build the writing life you have always wanted for yourself.

  Phase 1:

  You will be provided detailed notes on your Idea /   story / script
  You will have an hour long telephone consultation   with Colin to support Phase 2.

  Phase 2:

  You will write a new outline for your first rewrite,    
based on your consult. OR, if your script is solid   enough, you will move on to Phase 3.
  You will have a second telephone consultation    with Colin to discuss your new outline, and to  prepare you for your rewrite.
  Phase 3:

  You will be provided Diploma / Certificate of the  Course
  You will be given a professional guideline about  Industry Resources

 Bapu Sarvagod is Professional Film Maker with his unique skills in Film Education. An Artist and Film Director studied at Film Making at Film and TV Institute of India, Pune Bapu's Fine art studies at Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai helps him to visualize the Film on Big canvas. His MA in Philosophical studies held at Mumbai University. After acute research in Devdasi custom Bapu has Written ,Produced and Directed internationally acclaimed Feature Film “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on Devdasi Custom in India., Bapus's second feature film have strong statement about Indian polity “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) on Socio- Political has strong statement about Indian polity . Bapu Sarvagod has his deep research in Indian Sanskrit content written about SAHITYADARPAN ,LOGIC and Literature developments. His 17 years of observation in Indian Cinema and Indian Culture made him to developed unique syllabus that is suitable for Indian Film Makers and Writers that create true Indian Sense in the expressions

Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Screenplay syllabus draft committee - University of Mumbai
28-29 July 2018 10 am to 6 pm 
Venue: W.R.R.I.C., Mumbai University, Kalina Campus,
Santacruz(East) Mumbai 98