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Sixth Sense Developmentaumpanchakriya

Course Fees: Rs 3500/- only ( Inclusive of study material, production cost,snacks etc.)

Venue: Children's Complex, NSCCI, Children's Complex, Near Kala Nagar Govt Polytechnic, Bandra (East) , Mumbai 400051

 Admissions: W.R.I. C., Mumbai University, Kalina Campus, Santacruz (East),Mumbai 98
 Children's Complex, NSCCI, Children's Complex, Near Kala Nagar Govt Polytechnic, Bandra  (East) , Mumbai 400051

Contact: For admissions: 9769595860 / 8850033436
Child actors trained in Senseindia's Acting Workshops
Senseindia's Creative Workshops for Children
 in the Aid of 
 Children's  Compplex : National Society  for clean cities - India
 Children's  Theater  Acting and
  24th April to 4th May 2018  
    10 am to 1 pm  

 Now a days children thinks faster and better than the old generations. As Part of it we can see the tremendous cultural reform in the generation. Their creative  expressions appears through their speech and writing works. Senseindia's Theater Acting and  Creative writing and story development summer workshop is designed in the way that children can easily feel free to express their stories in a creative way. Exploration  of Complex thinking in the childhood through the parental perspective can be observed in the post creative workshop.
As we feel that this is the right time to learn expression about their universe. Senseindia's well researched  course syllabus designed by Bapu Sarvagod  along with the Impression of NSCCI's Children's Complex that is forty year old NGO dedicated in child development programs in Mumbai .The course is organised in the aid of social activities run by National Society for clean cities -India   

Topics to be covered in the course
Inner Force of energy..

External influence  
Early childhood

The realization of expressions 

The Formations of conceptions

The Reaction

Social reactions / action

Personal Actions

Abstract Actions 

Reactions: Understanding of acting  

The Developments of Senses..

Development by brilliance 

With in the parameters of logic 

Development of senses in programming of acting.

Visual Memory

Sound Memory

Dramatic expressions
Child Psychology
Nature study
Creative thinking process: Practicals
Creative expressions:
                         Speech /
                         Writing / 
                          Poems /
                         Short Story Writing
                          Story and Concept Development
                          Human Study : Observation
                          Mass dressing : elocution skills
                          Screenplay Writing
​                          Story line / Structure
                          Child Logic
                           Screenplay / Audio Visual
​                         Story-boarding 
      Project Work: 

​Faculty:                                                                                                BAPU SARVAGOD

​Bapu Sarvagod is Professional Film Maker with his unique skills in Film Education. An Artist and Film Director studied Film Making at Film and TV Institute of India, Pune. Bapu's Fine art studied at Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai helps him to visualise the Film on Big canvas. His research in Philosophical studies held at Mumbai University. After acute research in Devdasi custom Bapu has Written ,Produced and Directed internationally acclaimed Feature Film “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on Devdasi Custom in India., 
  Bapus's second feature film has strong statement about Indian polity “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film ) on Socio- Political has strong statement
  about Indian polity . Bapu Sarvagod has his deep research in Indian Sanskrit content written about SAHITYADARPAN ,LOGIC and Literature developments. His 17 years of observation in Indian Cinema and Indian Culture made him to developed syllabus suitable for Indian Film Makers and Writers that create true Indian Sense in the expressions.
 Member of Screenplay
Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Screenplay Syllabus Draft Committee: University of Mumbai

Many things we need, We can wait. The child cannot. Now is the time his bones are being formed, his mind is being developed. To him we cannot say tomorrow,
 his name is today.
Gabriela Mistral