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Awaken MindPool
Awaken MindPool 
Its for deep meditation process, Just close your eyes and try to follow your good vibes with dynamic flow of creative energy. Heart and mind feels the real whiteness and the seduction of colors with tranquil plain. Use head phone for better results. While watching visuals try to concentrate on white butterfly to feel the spiritual concentration. Forms , colors and visual combination may direct you to lead memorial misconceptions. To purify the mind just try to see the life force of butterfly with objective mind. The colors and forms are in its unique existence. The whiteness and blackness of the feelings and emotions are having equal values. The distraction of single point concentration is common thing.Try with knowing breaths. After ten minutes of listening you may feel to cry with the past memories. Just let the memories play its roll on the surface of mind. at the end of Mediation you will have unique experience of your own feeling and memories. Created by Bapu Sarvagod
Its unique technique to burn your fat externally and internally with speech therapy. Magnetic waves produced in body during chanting words effectively burns fat and heals breathing system that removes blockages in the heart.
The tested method works for every person seeking reducing fat. The practice with yoga and speech leads healthy body and soul. Awaken MindPool channel coming up with unique episodes for healing fatness and blockages.
Created By Devyaani
Inspiration From Guru's path. Mother nature in great Guru
Listen before you star your any kind of creation
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