Senseindia Foundation is a ‘Media Research and Education Forum’ is an organization house that endeavors to create awareness of Filmmaking Tool among intellectuals, media experts, social activists and young enthusiastic people. Apart form Film Production and Research Main stream Activity of Senseindia is to promote  True Sense of Indian Philosophy through activities in Art, Culture, and Informal Education in social interest.Senseindia Foundation is  established in 1997 by Filmmaker Bapu Sarvagod while he was studying at Film and TV Institute of India. After seven years practical experience  and research in film education  Senseindia Foundation Media Research and Education Forum started functioning  since 2002  for the cause of making the sensible Filmmakers and writers with social responsibility.
                 Taking media as the first venture, Senseindia started ‘the one of its kind’ activity called “Film Orientation Workshop” and with perfect facilities provided by the W.R.I.C. and J.P. Naik Bhavan of Mumbai University, Kalina   Campus, this developed into a regular programme covering all basic and important topics in Film Making, with  camera practical and LCD monitoring  and clippings to explain the main points.                  As an experience of various training programs senseindia observes that the people in all the sections of society have some thing to express through the Film Language. People from various parts of the world with deferent professional and age background   have participated in Film Making Workshop and they have got confidence as Film Maker and the most important feelings as Film Student.  The Senseindia Foundation intends to share the most important key Factors with passionate people   so that they can find their own path. Of course  film Making is always a practical stuff, but still the authentic information is always significant  for getting “ Knowledge” in Film Making  so that Senseindia Foundation  is devoted for the cause of Enlightening people as Film Maker. Basically Film Maker is that person who thinks of an "Original Idea", who converts it in to Film script, who Direc ts and produces it in to the Film.    Film Making is mare a tool that is  very easy to understand but the most important thing is the  " THOUGHT"  that has to be applied in the film                    Film Workshop syllabus is designed with research and experiments  with analysis with 7500 Film Participants in near by 1200 Film Making Workshops since 2002 that is proved as effective confidence building tool as Film Makers.   Usually   at the end of course the participants forms an interactive groups with the organizers,as it is one of the Senseindia’s intentions to bringing people of common interest together.                  

 In the well designed Film Workshop aspirant Filmmakers can understand :-
 The complete process of Film Making     
  Understanding the exact genre of "idea" they are thinking                                                     
  The formation of Idea for Film                                                     
  Easy methods to convert Concept into Script                                                     
  Creation of the Characters and situations                                                     
  Inner potential "Hunt" as creative or technical person                                                     
  Understanding the ways to achieve success as   Film  Maker                                                    
  Getting Confidence as Film Maker

                                                                                                      Bapu Sarvagod
                                                                                                     Founder/ Director
                                                                               Senseindia Foundation Media Research and Education Forum 

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