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  6 months  training + 6 Months Project Work  
   Online / Venue: W.R.I.C., Mumbai University,Kalina Campus, Santacruz (East),Mumbai 98  

 Senseindia's weekend Diploma Course in Script Writing is not just only for screenwriters, 
but for the complete Film Makers. the process of writing a story treatment can help
 screenwriters lay a solid foundation for screenplay that can save valuable time in the writing process.  
Senseindia Foundation teach you, step-by-step, how to create outstanding story and Script.
 -Practically producing process of story treatment writing simple with ground-breaking approach 
to the form. By the end of this workshop, participants will have a strong treatment and a 
solid content research for professional Industry screenplay. In a span of whole life our mind realizes
 meanings of certain important principles of the life. With such experiences we carry amazing ideas 
and stories but, we are not confident about the though of making it on paper . May we have an Idea, 
that we think it would make a bestseller novel. May we are interested in learning the basics
 of how to write a Story and concept. The Fundamentals of Script Writing and Concept Development 
workshop will take you through all of the basics of writing a fictional story for novel and Cinema. 
The course teaches how important it is to choose a great setting and how to build your 
characters those makes impact. We learn how to choose "point of view" to tell the story 
as well as to write great dialogues. Senseindia's Exclusive SCREENWRITING COURSE is 
well researched Script Writing course for aspiring Writers to make their mind to express 
through Films ,Novel or Advertisement Copy. Senseindia's exclusive Script Writing Course 
you that you can convert an Idea in to concrete written project as Novel and Film Script. 
Bapu Sarvagod Script Writing course is not just a Script writing course but, its process of 
realization of inner creative self .


       Principles in Story Development  Literature and Social Reflections in Art

             Applications of Creativity in Literature  and Cinema

             World Literature and Cinema  History of Indian Story development Process

             Impact of religions on writing  Novel writing and its screenplay adaptation

             History of Indian Film Writing Genres in Script Writing 

             Important principles in Idea to Final Draft 

             Creation of content: Story- Novel, Lyrics, Film Script , Advertisement , Research 

               Idea to Screenplay - 

               Pre -production - 



              Practical Sessions in Script writing :        
                                  How to craft and structure the basic dramatic scene
                                  Effective techniques to make your scene more compelling
                                 The three types of scenes in a screenplay
                                 The key elements of the per-writing phase of a good scene
                                 The most common scene problems and how to avoid them
                                 The crucial distinction between passive and active conflict
                                  How to use the Emotional Palette to create tension and anticipation
                                  What is  Concept - Story  Synopsis Characterization Story line / Structure
                                  How use Logic /History of  Logic
                                  Screenplay / Audio Visual /Dialog / Story-boarding 
                                  Adaptation of Novel for Cinema
          Production Design  

           Script writer’s commitments.

              Script Registration – Story Protection - Intellectual Property Rights

        Outdoor activities
                        Study tours
                         Location Hunting
                      Situation Realizations 

         Cinematographic experience on Direction and acting 

         Project Works :  Six Months SCRIPT PRODUCTION and Project Research :

BAPU SARVAGOD : Studied Film Direction 
and Script Writing at India’s premier Film organization 
 Film and TV Institute of India,(1999) Pune Fine art Painting at
  prestigious Sir JJ School of Arts Mumbai (1995) and his studies
  in Masters of Philosophy and Vippassana at Mumbai University. (2000)
 Bapu Sarvagod has Written, Produced and Directed International 
 acclaimed Feature Film “Holy Bastard” (English/Hindi)based on 
 Devdasi Custom in India., that is released in London and which
 was also entered in Cannes and Berlin Film Festival 
 His second feature film “AUDIT” (Hindi Feature Film )
 is based on Socio- Political 15years experience in 
 research and teaching story writing and visual language.
 Bapu Sarvagod has trained more than 6000 Filmmaker
 and writers are benefited with his knowledge in Cinema and Story 
 Writing since 2002 from various part of India and abroad . 
 He is complete Film Maker working on his Feature films as 
 Writer and director as well as consultant on various National 
International Film projects. He is Founder / Director of
 Senseindia Foundation Media research and Education Forum that 
 is the first governmental organization that is dedicated for the 
 enlightenment of society about Film Media. Senseindia Foundation
 is a ‘Media Research and Education Forum’ is an organization house 
that endeavors to create awareness of Film Making Tool among
 intellectuals, media experts, social activists and young 
enthusiastic people. Apart form Film Production and Research 
Main stream Activity of Senseindia is to promote True Sense of
 Indian Philosophy through activities in Art, Culture, and Informal
 Education in social interest. Senseindia Foundation is established 
in 1997 by Filmmaker Bapu Sarvagod while he was studying at
 Film and TV Institute of India. After seven years practical experience
 and research in film education Senseindia Foundation Media Research 
and Education Forum started functioning since 2002 for the cause
 of making the sensible Filmmakers and writers with social responsibility.
 As result of 15 years of Senseindia’s ground work around hundreds of its
 film makers have made feature film and they have got national
 and International Award for their work. 
Bapu Sarvagod is Member of Mumbai University’s Screenplay Syllabus Draft Committee.  
Panel of Film Academics of Times of India -Mumbai 
Bhartity Kalaratna Award by Sahayog Foundation -Mumbai         
                                       Bapu  Sarvagod  

Visiting Faculties:   As par the availability   of resource persons and  various guest faculties  or particular subject lectures . 

 Course Fess: Rs. 46000/- Par Term ( Inclusive of Tuition fees, term fees, study material payable in installments 

  Limited Seats- Admissions on First Come Basis. Get Early Bird Discount

                Contact for admission :9769595860 / 8850033436
                    EMAIL: filmworkshop@senseindia.net    

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  Internationally recognised by 
I think audiences get too comfortable and familiar in today’s movies. They believe everything they’re hearing and seeing. I like to shake that up.
- Christopher Nolan
I’m a storyteller – that’s the chief function of a director. And they’re moving pictures, let’s make ‘em move!
- Howard Hawks
Short Film Written and Directed by Senseindia's Script Student
Nikhil Khamkar
 Film Written and Directed by Senseindia's Script -Direction Studen Veena Lokur
Senseindia Classroom Film.
  We have answerd following frequently asked questions since May 2002 
1 Who Can Attend the Film Wokshop /Course ?
  Any one interested to learn Film Making.Not any educational qualification is needed. Woring knowledge in writing and reading is require.
  2 Is it daily classroom training ?
  Senseindia's Film classes are only on weekend and 
  for short mert course only for 3days 
​3 Waht is age Limit ?
  Any body above 15 years of age can attend the course.
4 But I am not regular writer but can I attend course ?
  Yes no writing experice is required.
5 Is it film experience is reqire ?
  No need.
6 Can I ask my queries after the course completion?
7 Is it practical course ?
  Yes, with Camera practical.Acting and Wring Practical
8 I have Written Drama , Can I Make Film with it?
  No,You must need to learn Screenplay 
9 Why should I need training, If I can Hire all Film Techinicians ?
  You should know all the imp work principles in all Film Depts.
10 What is basic qualification to become writer ?
11 I have written my novel, can I make film with it ?
  No ,you need to learn Screenplay writing technique 
12 How can in short time I acn learn Film Making / Script Writing?
  You can learn it with confidance. 
13 What is course Language ?
  Indian languages with supporting English and Hindi
14 Is it residencial program ?
15 Can I get work assistance after the course completion? 
16 Do I need to have my own Camera equipment?
17 Can I get Certificate after the course ?
18 Can I get certificate without my assignment submission?
19 How can I meet techincians for Making my Film ?
  Senseindia will coordinate it for you.
20 Can working professinal attend the course ?
21 Can I lean Camera facing ?
22 Can I Direct Film after the course ?
23 Can I act in Film and Theater after Acting Course ?
24 Can I write Novel after atteding Script Writing Course ?
  Yes, You can write Novel ,Drama and Screenplay after the course.
25 Where with take palce the classes?
  As par mentioned in course details of venue.

    We pride ourselves on the strong family     environment Senseindia Foundation provide. Our faculty and students form professional     relationships and we enjoy getting to know who  you are to encourage the story you want to tell.
    Students learn story concept development and how to create realistic and empathetic    characters, screenplay conventions and format, 
    and characteristics of established genres. The course emphasizes telling a story   cinematic way  in terms of action and character portrayal.  

It has changed my views for life
Nayantara Pios - Food Technology Researcher 
​Its a Enlightening !!!
Smita Somani, IAS 
​Indian Film Industry need sensible stories,
The well designed course content of
Senseindia is making worth Film Makers
and script writers.
Manoj Kumar Sekseria
Film Producer, Film Lab owner

Learning Film Making with Senseindia makes
a lot of sense
.Dr Mansur Yezdi
Documentary Film Maker

Recommended for Producers those who intends to start
Film Production.
Rajesh Singh -
Producer: Hindi Film Fareb, Anwar

Now I feel that films are not secondary in Life , 
its strong media for social expressions
.Varsha KaleNational President, Womanist Party of India
/ President, Bar Girls Association 
​I have got confidance as Film Maker
Samruddhi Pore, Writer-Director

"In European Film workshop I learnt the rules
of Direction but with Senseindia Foundation I 
understood practical reasons to use it .
"Benjamin. Germany ----
​Now I have got confidence that I can Direct Documentary .
"Komal Tolani, Hong Kong........I understand Film making is easy and interesting task .
"Geeta Raju, Australia

Its eye opening .

"Shrikant Rao, TV and Dubbing artist 
Now I can write and Direct feature film on my own . Bapu Sarvagod is an Institution in Film Making
"Hema Sardeasai, Singer........

Important of Script Writing elements I can easily write it.
Rekha Bhardwaj , Singer

I am writing my feature film with research. Bapu Sarvagod is sensible mentor as Film Maker 
Dr Mamta Chaudhari , Writer and Academician ,Indore

I found serious effort on film education in India .
".Reena Mehata - Canada
I have understood the craft of Director.  
Prakash Bane.Film Producer 
​At the age the of 78 I am able to write my screenplay.
Dr Vidya Joshi
I have got clear concepts about the important rules of Film Making
Devendra Pem - Play Wright​

Here is that artistic approach for filmmaking..
’Mallika amar Shaikh -poetess and writer 
It is simply greate experience ! "I have learn Script Writing in unbelievable time period"
S M Ziya Hasan 
Film Editor / BMM teacher -Patana
As Writer I have understood the visual Language with Senseindia.
Somanath Patil, senior journalist.

​"Now I can confidently write and direct my feature film"
 Vineet Joshi - United Nations - New Dehli

Bapu Sarvagod is doing his efforts to make sensetive Indian Filmakers through 
Senseindia Foundation 
​Times of India
With the inspiration of Senseindia and Bapu Sarvagod I have developed the foundation in agricultural development in Maharshtra .
Pramod Deshmukh , Founder Paris Foundation
Bapu Sarvagod is carrying Senseindia Foundation as mission in Making of sensible thinker in society.
Cpt Bhaskar Bharti , Indian Army 

It was a great experience. It was quite interactive and just 3 days long so it's easily manageable. We were taught writing from scratch which helps build a strong foundation. I'm sure I'm going to watch movies in a different way from now.
Dr Shruti Mishra

When I joined Senseindia Foundation media n recherche forum Mumbai university that time i even was not knowing that how to write a script but after my three month course I wrote hindi novel mere papa ki love story n i was success n happy by doing this course now i m making two short film n one full length movie in 2019 n all because of Bapu sarvagod sir
Raju Swami

तीन दिवसांच्या कार्यशाळेला जाताना काही अपेक्षा घेऊन गेलो होतो. त्या तर पूर्ण झाल्याच परंतू परत येताना खूप समृृध्द झालो. विषय तसा अवघडच परंतू बापू सरांनी इतका सोपा केला की रूची निर्माण झाली.दिलेल्या गृृृहपाठांमुळे एकाच विषयाकडे वेगवेगळ्या कोनातून पाहण्याची दृृष्टी विकसित झाली.इतके दिवसा कथा सांगत होतो किंवा लिहीत होतो,ह्या कार्यशाळेनंतर ती कथा कशी प्रभावीरित्या सादर करावी ह्याचे तंत्र ध्यानात आले.ही तर सुरूवात आहे .बापूसरांनी दिशादर्शकाचे काम केले आहे.आता पुढे कसे जायचे हे प्रत्येकावर आहे.ह्या कार्यशाळेत भाग घेणार्‍यांची संख्या मर्यादित असल्याने परस्पर संवाद छान झाला.विचिरांची देवाणघेवाण उत्तम झाली.बापूसरांच्या शिकवण्यात तंत्राबरोबर तत्वज्ञानाची जोड असल्याने विषयाला खोली प्राप्त झाली.तीन दिवस विषयाला खिळवून ठेवण्याचे सरांचे कसब अचंभित करणारे आहे.ह्यापुढील अशा प्रकारच्या कार्यशाळेला उपस्थित रहावयाला नक्की आवडेल.ह्या ग्रूपबरोबर किंवा इतर ग्रूपबरोबर.पुन्हा एकदा धन्यवाद समृृध्द केल्याबद्दल
Dr Suresh Barpande

​SenseIndia Foundation ने आयोजित केलेल्या script writing (Film &TV) हा तीन दिवसांचा certificate course मी केला. एक वेगळाच आनंददायी अनुभव होता. .श्री. बापू सर्वगोड सरांनी script लिहीताना कोणत्या गोष्टी लक्षात घेतल्या पाहिजेत ते बारकावे आणि तंत्र अगदी सहजपणे सोप्या भाषेत शिकवले . व्याख्याना बरोबर वर्गपाठ गृहपाठ करून घेतल्यामुळे माझा आत्मविश्वास दुणावला. एकाच वेळी मराठी, हिंदी आणि इंग्रजी भाषेत शिकवले हे कौतुकास्पद आहे. बापू सर्वगोड यांच्या सारख्या अनुभवी शिक्षकाबरोबर तीन दिवस नवीन तंत्र शिकण्यात कसे गेले ते कळलेच नाही. 
  श्रीमती. नयना अजित जोशी.

It was a great experience, being a part of sense India. Learned a lot, met a lot of like minded people and work is going on professionally after learning the skill of writing
Haneesh Ashok , Hyderabad

At the beginning , Course goes into details of script writing philosophy and then its technique . It emphasis more on thinking aspect of screen writing which is essential for writing effective screen play . Bapu sir takes students slowly but interestingly to the journey of a writer from thinker to script writer . Very good course for aspiring writers.
Prasad Bag

Senseindia trained Canditates from these organizations since 2002
Bapu Sarvagod is Awarded BHARTIY KALARATNA Award by Sahyog Foundation
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Senseindia Completing 19 Years of Film Education in Indian Cinema
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